Covid-19 policy

Covid-19 policy

We are happy to welcome you here in Biograd.
The situation of the last few months have made us think about a lot of things. First, our focus is on making your vacation as pleasant and stress-free as possible, while taking care of your well-being and safety. That’s why we’ve spent the last few weeks working on finding the best way to implement the security regulations set by the government, as well as the recommendations of professionals regarding the COVID-19 virus. Below you can find a summary of all the questions we receive from our guests, which might also interest you.

These questions reflect the current situation regarding the COVID-19 pandemic in Croatia and are mainly focused on possible reservations in the coming summer months. As we have seen in recent weeks, regulations can change really quickly, depending on the situation. For this reason, our regulations will be promptly regulated.
Of course, we hope for a positive outcome.

Everything you need to know about coronavirus in Croatia – latest news, important information, you can find at

For any additional questions, feel free to ask us!
Your triM Nautica team.

Our safety measures for COVID-19

Social distancing: In our office is possible to keep a distance, and we are also separated by a large plastic window on the desk that gives extra security. In areas where it will be difficult to keep your distance, such as on board at check in and check out, skipper training and some other situations, please wear a face mask.
We will train intensively and help you in case of any questions.

According to Croatian regulations, we kindly ask you to wear a face mask when entering or leaving the ship and the office.

The latest hygiene regulations are normal for us – not only since the beginning of this pandemic. All regulations are fully implemented.

All of our employees will be tested weekly. Even more, every morning or before each shift, all employees must measure their temperature.

Safety concept at triM Nautica

We have planned to do everything together and as a team to make your vacation perfect. With the application of our safety concept, we can safely offer you a holiday without stress and fear.

Such plans can only be realised if you help us. We count on you to help us all be safe and happy during your stay in Biograd!

Questions and answers:

1. My charter starts in 3 months – but I already know I don’t want to travel this year. I paid an advance. Can I get a refund?
• No. We can cancel your reservation and charge you a cancellation fee in accordance with the rental conditions (amount of guarantee or advance) or we can give you a voucher that you can use next season. The voucher can be issued only one month before the date of your rental – if there is an objective reason for it (as already written).

2. My rental starts within 1-2 months – but I’m unsure to pay – until we can predict what the situation will look like?
• You have two options: the first is to make a payment, and then, if the situation does not go as planned, you can cancel even the  day before (for the reasons mentioned above) the start of the charter and still use the full amount of the voucher.
• But if the payment is not received in accordance with the agreed conditions – we will have to cancel the reservation and keep the full amount of the advance without issuing a voucher.

3. What if I don’t want to come in 2021, nor in 2022?
• We are very sorry, but we are not able to refund, regarding force majeure.

4. If I have to change a reservation for next season, when do I have to decide on a new booking date?
• You do not have to decide immediately when you want to make another reservation. You can let us know about new dates over the next season. Of course, the longer you wait, the less likely it is that the boat you want will be available – and the voucher is limited to a period of one year.

5. In which case can I transfer my reservation to another date?
In the situation when the COVID 19 measures took place, as follows:
• Lock down has occurred in your country.
• Required quarantine upon return to the home country.
• A travel ban issued by the government of your country in relation to the country of entry on the date of departure.
• You have been infected with the Corona virus and must remain in your quarantined state.

We can change the term or vessel depending on the availability of a new term or vessel in the active season or in the next season. If the costs of transferring to a new vessel or a new term are higher, the guest will have to pay the difference, and if they are lower, there is no possibility of refunding the difference.

6. In which case triM Nautica does not refund or issue a voucher to the guest:
• If there is any possibility of arrival, but the guest is afraid.
• If the guest has taken over the boat, and during the rental his home country issues a recommendation that he must return immediately.

Terms of payment and cancellation:

triM Nautica does not take responsibility in case of changes or omissions in the performance of paid services or part of the services due to force majeure (war, riots, strikes, terrorist acts, extraordinary sanitary conditions, natural disasters, interventions of the competent authorities, etc.).

To make it easier for you, we’ve changed your payment policy.

Terms of payment can be found on the price list for 2021

The cancellation associated with COVID 19 can only be applied in the situations we have listed.
For all of other situations, the standard general terms and conditions of triM Nautica apply.

After the reservation is paid and the guest cannot come, he has the right to choose between the following options:

Receive a voucher for the amount already paid for the future charter, which is valid for 12 months from the date of issue and which will be used on the same vessel that was originally booked.

triM Nautica commits to inform all its loyal and future guests in a timely manner of the above-mentioned changes in conditions.