NEWS!!! Luxury boat – ZAR 85 SL

With pleasure we present to you for 2017  luxury boat – ZAR Formenti 85 SL
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Charter boat ZAR 85 SL, together with the Sessa Key Largo 24 vessel, is part of our Sport Luxury line. With its high performances and pleasing futuristic design, Charter sport boat ZAR 85 SL is an ideal choice for those who like style, prestige and glamour. This jewel, with its ergonomic design, is top of the line for sports motorboat. A cabin, with room to stand in, a TV and an integrated bathroom, is located under the navigating console. To stay in line with other Sport Luxury line vessels, the hull of the boat is defined  in that style. A built in gas cooker and a 90 liter refrigerator with two drawers are located behind the driver’s seat and will enable you to enjoy delicious food prepared in one of the many lovely coves of the Adriatic sea.
The boat is also equipped with a plotter 8′, built into the cockpit, and a top of the line Fusion wi-fi. The bow contains equipment that can be converted into a spacious suntanning lounge chair.The stern houses two powerful Suzuki motors, 200 hp each, which allow a maximum speed of 50 Nm. Given all this, the gas usage of 35 liters/hour is more than acceptable.