• tube for rent

    Towable tube

    Set foot on the almighty Hotseat, one of the fastest and strongest towables. This thing’s on fire!

    1 day = 10,-€
    1 week = 40,-€
  • Wakwboard-dually sport

    Designed for the rider who is focused on free-riding, or taking it to the next level, the Vanity features a continuous rocker and a more conventional shape than the other boards .in our lineup

    1 day = 20,-€
    1 week = 50,-€
  • SUP for rent - Biograd

    SUP – Stand up Paddeling

    The SUP comes in a package, complete with a nylon bag, aluminium paddle and pump in matching colours. The board has a non-detachable thruster fin system. Our beauty loves to discover lakes, rivers and urban waters.

    1 day = 50,-€
    1 week = 200,-€
  • kühlschrank fur miete

    Portable Cooler Box

    Blue and white portable refrigerator for a boat + extra cubes for cooling.

    1 day = 5,-€
    1 week = 25,-€
  • Wakeboartzd for rent - triM Nautica Charter


    This is the perfect intermediate board when riding behind the boat, with a playful feel to it. But the blue series has a smoother pop of the wake then its Red Series brother. This package comes with the additional handle and bag so you are ready to spend a day behind the boat.

    1 day = 20,-€
    1 week = 50,-€
  • Wasserskis für Kinder miete

    Kids waterski – JOBE

    The ultimate way for kids to get into skiing! Use the accessory Trainers’ two-handled towrope and detachable stabilising bar to have an easy and safe start.

    1 day = 20,-€
    1 week = 50,-€
  • Mono skis-Connelly

    Making use of an edge-to-edge concave this traditional slalom ski generates a true edge holding capability without reducing control. The Connelly is designed for carving and intermediate level slalom skiing.

    1 day = 20€
    1 week = 50€
  • Alegre combo skis Jobe

    The Allegre combo skis are the perfect blend of strength and control for both combo as entry-level slalom skiing. Making use of our adjustable horse shoe bindings and tunnelled bottom this ski guarantees unlimited fun every session.

    1 day = 20,-€
    1 week = 50,-€
  • Waterslade-Chaser 2P

    Chase your passion, not your pension! The nylon cover offers extra inner tube protection and makes it one durable towable!

    1 day = 20,-€
    1 week = 50,-€
  • Wasserskis ausstätung Biograd-Tribunj

    Water skis – Jobe

    These injection moulded skis with foam lined adjustable bindings are supremely versatile and can be used as either combo skis or entry level slalom skis. Its tunnel bottom and wider tip profile make for a superb entry level combo.

    1 day = 20,-€
    1 week = 50,-€