pets on bord

Pets on board

Pets on board can be a wonderful experience for sea adventure enthusiasts. However, before you embark on a journey with your four-legged friend, it’s important

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Joystick aquamatic, volvo penta

Joystick docking

Joystick docking is a boat control technique that utilizes a joystick or joystick-like controller to facilitate precise maneuvering and parking of the vessel. This technology

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life raft

Life raft or dinghy?

Small boats and yachts up to 24 meters, depending on the navigation area and purpose, among other things, should also have a life raft or

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The Croatian coast

Choose your perfect yacht to explore all the hidden bays of the Adriatic! The Croatian coast, with its more than a thousand islands, presents a

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charter biograd

Mooring Procedure

Mooring a boat falls under practical nautical knowledge, or good maritime practice. If you lack sufficient confidence and knowledge, you can arrange for skipper training,

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Boat Tulln show

Visit us at Messe Tulln

Visit us at the Tulln fair and discover the magic of chartering boats, with a special emphasis on our beautiful Bavaria Yachts! Our booth number

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