Considering our many years of experience in renting motor boats in Croatia, we equipped this family motor boat with equipment that is standard equipment in our company. Above the hard top, we installed large solar panels to have a constant voltage on the batteries that charge the refrigerators and other electrical equipment such as cabin lighting, GPS, navigation lights and other equipment. The Bavaria S 33HT motorboat has a built-in inverter that converts 12V to 220V so that even when you are not connected to 220V electricity from the shore, you can use devices such as mobile phone chargers, laptop chargers, Nesspreso coffee machines, etc. There is a TV set in the cabin, which is actually used very little, but if you want to shorten your time on Netflix, just enter your user data. The front berth in the cabin is comfortable with a special mattress that guarantees comfort. One large window is located in the ceiling, and there are 2 smaller windows on the side, thus enabling constant air circulation. The living room is equipped with a refrigerator and a ceramic hob that works exclusively on 220V. Both rooms and the living room are equipped with a Webasto air conditioner with cooling and heating options. In the outer part there is a seat for the skipper and associated equipment such as bow propeller, joystick, gps, radio, compass and other instruments necessary for safe driving.
In the back part, the table can be lowered lower on the supports and a sun bed can be made. The Bavaria S 33HT boat is equipped with a joystick that allows beginners and those who do not have enough experience to easily park, and we are also here with our experience, and you can take skipper training, which we definitely recommend to everyone.

Year built
DIESEL 2xD3 Volvo Penta 220evc
Fuel tank
Water tank
Max. persons
Max. speed
Cruising speed
Cruising fuel consumption


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