Skipper training


Skipper training is for all you who have already met with cruise, but you want to repeat your knowledge and improve self before shipping. The goal of the skipper training , practice various maneuvers with an experienced skipper, allow participants intensely practical repetition of already acquired knowledge, familiar with the boat you hired in such a way that every following independent shipping elapses without unnecessary tension and worries.


The duration of the training that we have set aside for you is determined on the spot depending on your previous knowledge and experience at sea.


On request.

skipper training


ZAR formenti 61 suite Biogtad charter


Boat transfer!
It doesn’t matter where you are staying, as all you need to do is to secure a mooring place and we will take care of everything else. If you are staying outside Biograd, where our office and base is, we can offer you several options.
One is that we pick you up at your place with our van and take you to the base where you can take over the boat. Our van has a capacity of 5+1 sitting places. In that case every transfer to 10 kilometres is free.

Transfer over 10 km is charged according to the official price list. The other option is that we personally deliver the vessel at the required address. In that case you have to pay the cost of the transfer, which includes fuel consumption to the required address. You can see our rent-a-boat “Biograd” everywhere. In Trogir, Split, Vodice, Tribunj, Pirovac, Murter, Pakoštane, Zadar and various camps.

We are looking forward to your request!