Joystick docking

Joystick aquamatic, volvo penta

Joystick docking is a boat control technique that utilizes a joystick or joystick-like controller to facilitate precise maneuvering and parking of the vessel. This technology allows skippers to control the speed and direction of the boat.

Joystick docking systems are particularly useful for maneuvering boats or yachts in tight harbors, marinas, or other confined spaces where exceptional precision and control are needed. Instead of using traditional controls such as a steering wheel and gear lever, the captain can simply move the joystick in the desired direction to make the vessel move or turn.

In addition to facilitating control, joystick docking often includes additional features such as automatic vessel alignment or the ability to set anchor points with a single button press. This makes maneuvering the vessel safer and more efficient, reducing the risk of damage and enhancing the boating experience for both experienced captains and beginners.

Our experienced staff will teach you how to operate the joystick, ensuring that your charter boat vacation is stress-free. Skipper training.