Trip to Konoba Smokvica Kornati

Konoba Smokvica trip

We highly recommend visiting Konoba Smokvica, located just 30 minutes away from Biograd by boat. This was an unforgettable experience during our excursion with Trim Nautica Charter.

We enjoyed the beautiful ambiance and had the option to anchor at a buoy or indulge in delicious meals at the restaurant. We recommend trying their seafood platter, rich in a variety of fresh, locally caught marine delicacies. We also tasted fish cooked “under the bell” (ribu ispod peke), prepared with special care and traditional flavors.

The staff was exceptionally friendly, providing top-notch service and creating a pleasant atmosphere. Konoba Smokvica offers a true haven for seafood enthusiasts, all while enjoying a breathtaking view of the sea.

Given its proximity to Biograd and easy accessibility, Konoba Smokvica is an excellent choice for those looking to combine a delightful boat trip with gastronomic pleasures on the Adriatic coast.