Mooring Procedure

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Mooring a boat falls under practical nautical knowledge, or good maritime practice. If you lack sufficient confidence and knowledge, you can arrange for skipper training, which will be conducted by an experienced professional from our charter company.

When preparing for a boating trip for the season, it is important to choose safe locations for mooring, which is also influenced by the weather forecast, so in case of bad weather, a backup plan should be in place.

FIRSTLY: the boat should be moored stern to shore, leaving a larger gap, and using a gangway for disembarkation. The boat should be secured with two mooring lines at the bow (if possible), and at least two lines at the stern tied to the shore. Additionally, it is necessary to check the neighboring boat, and if something is not right with it, personally or with the help of a sailor from the marina, tie it properly to prevent damage to our boat. It is essential to adjust the fenders in relation to the neighboring boat so that they are at different heights. This way, we best prevent damage to the boat that may occur due to wind and waves. As for external tasks, I would mention that the dinghy should be either secured to the bow or lowered into the water and tied to the vessel. With these basic instructions, you can learn much more in our training.

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